Elizabeth A.

"I will never be able to adequately thank you for all of your effort, support, and flexibility. Without Compassionate Care, we would never have been able to expand our agency to provide much needing services for our clients. I look forward to an on-going, long-lasting relationship and your agency is the only one we will call from now on. In my opinion, you're by far the best in Winnipeg!"


Joe P.

"I have an autistic child and I needed a little more support than I was given and I tried to call a few agencies for support, and most of them told me that they will set services for me within 2 weeks. I then called Compassionate Care and they provided experienced staff within 3 hours from the initial call. I was very happy that the support was available so promptly, and now my son and I can go on enjoying the support that Compassionate Care gave us."


Catherine H.

  "My family and I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate Compassionate Care. The caring, and supportive staff are available at all hours, and are very attentive. With the help of Compassionate Care, our lives have gone from stress filled, to stress free."